C2 NETWORK Performance Marketing Agency

About the network

The Company

C2 Network performance marketing agency was born to be different.

A network that serves and respects equally, both customers and advertisers, regardless of their size.


Launched in 2013, the company has professionals with extensive experience in marketing.


From initial planning to ongoing optimization, we handle every aspect of your performance marketing campaigns.


Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost conversions, our team of experts will craft a performance-focused plan to help you achieve your goals.


Our dedicated team monitors performance metrics, fine-tunes strategies, and provides detailed reporting, allowing you to stay informed and make data-backed decisions.

Our business

Excellence in Media Buying

We strategically plan your media campaigns to ensure maximum impact and reach. By analyzing your target audience, industry trends, and competitor landscape, we identify the most effective media channels and placements to optimize your campaign performance.

Cost-Effective Ad Placement

We understand the importance of cost efficiency in media buying. With our in-depth knowledge of media pricing and negotiation skills, we secure favorable rates and placements for your ads. Our goal is to maximize your budget and deliver the highest possible ROI.

Multichannel Approach

We leverage a wide range of media channels to reach your target audience effectively. From traditional channels such as television, radio, and print, to digital platforms including social media and streaming services to ensure your message is seen by the right people.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is crucial for successful media buying. We analyze your customer data and demographics to segment your audience into specific groups. This allows us to tailor your media campaigns to the unique characteristics and preferences of each segment.

How it works in practice

Performance Campaign Flow

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire reformatting process is done from start to finish as planned.


Analyse & Define

Define goals, funnel, customer profile, buyer personas and business objectives


Determine Digital Platform

Choose which platform has the most potencial based on customer profile


Campaign Implementation

Launch the campaign on the choosen platform, based on defined parameters


Gather Data

Retrieve campaign data such as impressions, conversions, click thorugh rate



Based on campaign results, control campaign budged and bid in order to scale the gains


Know First

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